Modest Bathing Suits for Moms: A New Summer Trend?

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Are you tired of exposing your postpartum body at the beach in revealing swimsuits? The new modest bathing suits trend may be just what you've been waiting for.

The Short of It

The newest trend in bathing suits is so-called "modest" swimwear that covers up arms, legs and other body parts that many of us moms would prefer not to show!

The Lowdown

Tired of the tiny two-pieces being marketed to women, companies are seeking to corner a new market. Their target audience: any female who prefers a more modest look when she hits the beach or pool. We're talking pants, long-sleeve tops, maxi-dresses and capri pants paired with tops, all made out of swimsuit material.

HydroChic actually began its modest bathing suit line to cater to Orthodox Jewish women who follow a strict dress code and can't show their arms and legs, even at the beach. But soon, founders Daniella Teutsch and Sara Wolf realized there was a larger market of women who prefer a modest summer look.

On their company's website, Teutsch and Wolf say they were sick of seeing women who "were out there donning men's T-shirts and night shirts over our traditional bathing suits for sun or body coverage." They knew there was a market for their fashions, and now they are seeking todress women of all shapes and sizes in flattering and chic, yet modest beach looks.

Undercover Water and Aqua Modesta started in much the same way. The latter bills itself as the "the original Kosher swimwear." Styles from Aqua Modesta's line include long skirts with pants sewn in, long-sleeve tops, and even matching swim caps. Among its clients, the company counts religious women who adhere to stricter dress codes, older women who prefer not to show much skin, plus-size women, and women who simply want to avoid excessive sun exposure.

The Upshot

So, is modest swimwear the new frontier in mom bathing suits? It will be interesting to see if this trend catches on and replaces the swim cover-ups I see so many mothers sporting at our local beach.

As for me, I worry I'd sweat too much in pants and a long-sleeve top—not that I wouldn't mind skipping the sun exposure or perhaps not having to worry so much about how I look in a bikini!

Would you wear a modest bathing suit?

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