10 Summer Hairstyles for Girls

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The Elsa Braid

Creating an Elsa braid is actually pretty easy. First, pin up a top section of your little girl's hair, leaving some pieces loose in the front. Tease that top section, then secure it using a clear ponytail holder. Now, incorporating some of those loose front pieces, begin to braid the half-ponytail. French braid the rest of the hair. Secure with another clear elastic. Use a small scissor to cut the top elastic. Voila!

Side Dutch Fishtail Braid

Do you want to really impress the other moms at the next block party? Try a beautiful side Dutch fishtail braid. Your child will need to have a bit of patience for this braid because it takes at least 10 minutes to pull off. Second-day hair works best for this style. Or, hairspray your little girl's mane first. You'll start the style with a deep side part. Section off a large piece of hair from the side of the part with more hair. Divide that section into two smaller sections, and begin your braid. The big difference between this and a French braid is that instead of crossing the smaller sections of hair over, you cross them under. About halfway down her head, you will begin to incorporate pieces of hair from the other side of the part. So the small sections will literally come all the way across the back of the head to make this a side braid. At the end, secure with an elastic. Shake out your tired hands! Pat yourself on the back.

The Bang Braid

Here's a hairstyle that works really well if you are trying to grow out a little girl's bangs, according to Heart and Habit. It's the Bang Braid, essentially a mini-side French braid. Just part hair, section off the bangs, and begin the braid, adding smaller sections, and finishing the braid as you normally would. Secure with a tiny elastic. Hit the park, the beach or the pool without worrying that your little one's hair is in her eyes.

The Flower Braid

The flower braid wouldn't survive an active day, say at the beach boogie boarding and playing Frisbee. But that evening, when you take the kids out for a nice dinner on the water, try this sweet and pretty hairstyle. You'll start by parting the hair in the middle and creating two, thin braids on each side; secure each with an elastic at the ends. Take a third elastic and tie the two braids together close to the scalp. Now undo the bottom parts of the two tiny braids and braid that hair into another braid. You can twist this braid into a spiral to create a flower effect; then secure it with bobby pins.

Baby Beach Waves

Beachy waves look good on girls of all ages! Use braids to achieve beach waves without a heat source, which is safe and easy for kids. French braided pigtails are the perfect hairstyle, because they're adorable Day 1, and then the next day, your darling can bop around with a head full of cascading waves. All you need to do is part the hair in the middle and French braid each section, securing with a soft hair tie so as not to leave an obvious indentation. Later, or the following day, undo the braids and finger comb the wavy pieces.


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