10 Activities to Do with Your Kids This Summer

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Summer is here. The weather is beautiful, warm and full of sunshine. Now that your kids are out of school, there is even more time for work-at-home moms to spend time with the kids and the whole family. You don’t have to feel bad about putting down your work because that’s what everyone does this time of year. The kids need something to do when they’re not in school, and as a work-at-home mom, you have plenty of experience coming up with ideas. But just incase you need some fresh inspiration, here are some ideas of fun things to do in the summer as a family with young kids.

1. Go Strawberry Picking: Nothing tastes better than a freshly picked berry. Take the family out to a berry farm, baskets in hand, and get picking. Be prepared to get a little dirty. You’ll be kneeling in the dirt. Luscious strawberry juice will be running down your child’s face and underneath their fingernails. It is a great activity because it is outside, its healthy, and its fun. The kids can eat as they go. The fruit is safe to eat. Bring home a basketful to make a salad or a pie or just to nibble on.

2. Run through the Sprinkler: It gets hot in the summertime and not everyone has a pool. No worries. Break out the sprinkles, dress the whole family in swimwear, and pretend you're leaping into the depths of the ocean. Sprinklers are a great way to cool down, they’re fun, and they help your child’s imagination run wild. Kids will also learn the value of taking turns. Make it into a game for added fun.

3. Go For a Picnic: Make some sandwiches, bake some cookies or grab some popsicles, and bring along some juicy, fresh watermelon. Pack it all up in a cooler and find a nice spot for the family to go on a picnic. Bring your lunch to a park or someplace more exotic for added adventure. Bring along your iPod and some speakers so you can have some background music. Have a dance party in the middle of a field. Fly a kite. Throw a frisbee back and forth. There’s no end to what you can do when the family goes out for a picnic together.

4. Play Hopscotch: Break out your chalk and get to drawing on your driveway. Hopscotch is a fun activity and it’ll even get your kids some exercise. You can also give them different color chalk and let their imaginations take them on an adventure. Your driveway will be turned into an art exhibit.

5. Catch Fireflies: Pretend you’re an entomologist and hunt for bugs. Dig in the dirt for worms or catch insects. Purchase a bug catching kit for the family to share. Put on your proper bug catching attire and go on the lookout. At nighttime, the fascinating lightning bugs come out, which are always a favorite with the kids. This is a great way to teach your kids about nature and wildlife.

6. Car Wash: Looking for a great way to get your car cleaned and save a few bucks? Task your kids to do it. Make it an activity for the whole family. Fill a bucket with soapy water, break out the old rags, and get to cleaning that car. Make sure it’s spotless. Rinse it off with a hose and wipe it dry. This will teach your kids about taking care of their possessions.

7. Lemonade Stand: Teach the kids how to turn lemons into lemonade. First, making the lemonade will be fun for everyone. The kids will learn about kitchen safety and will get the joy of tasting something of their own creation. Set up a stand in your neighborhood and the kids will begin to learn about good business practices. Have the kids count how much money they get for each sale so they can work on their addition and subtraction skills. It will also help with their interpersonal and social skills as they will have to interact with many new people.

8. Gardening: Have the kids help out in the yard. They can clean up sticks and leaves left over from the winter season, get their hands dirty digging holes for plants, and get some hands on learning about nature.

9. Build Sandcastles: Take a family trip to the beach. Make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen and bring lots of water. Build sandcastles and forts. Have the kids bury dad in the sand. Teach the kids to swim in the ocean.

10. Make an Ice Cream Cake: What’s better in the summer than ice cream? Instead of just eating it, have the kids make something with it. Kids love to cook, and this is a safe way to get them active in the kitchen. Teach them about measuring and portion size. When all is said and done, you’ll get a delicious dessert treat.


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