How to Stimulate Your Child's Mind

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A good parent isn’t just concerned about their kids’ health and safety, but about their minds, too. They want to know that their children are good learners and are open to all that the world has to offer. For that, kids need stimulation to develop their brains as they grow.

Here are 5 ways for you to give your kids the stimulation they need.

Books: Reading is a good habit for kids to develop, especially when it makes a huge difference in how well they’ll perform in class and later on in life. The hard part, of couse, is getting them to start reading. As a parent, you can encourage them by reading to them at an early age. Find books on subjects that interest your child and encourage them to read whenever they need something quiet to do.

Games: Playing games helps your child develop a number of useful skills. Word problems and crossword puzzles are good for stimulating their memory and spatial reasoning skills. Video games can be educational, too, giving kids the chance to explore new subjects in an interactive environment and hone their hand-eye coordination.

Trips: Some parents already think that a trip to the museum will be just what their kids need to make them better learners. A museum isn’t a bad place to take your child, but the point is to think about what they can get out of it. Is there an exhibit or a show on something that they like? For example, if your child is more interested in learning about polar bears, then a trip to the zoo might be in order. Use those interests to form the basis for your trips and family outings.

Questions: All children have an instinct to turn to their parents whenever they don’t understand something. While parents should be able to field most questions, they can do their kids a service by asking them questions in turn. Asking questions like “What do you think would happen if…?” helps them work problems out on their own, as well as encourages them to think critically about the world.

Humor: We don’t always think about it, but laughter is a great tool for helping us learn. After all, don’t we always remember the funniest jokes? Most kids naturally gravitate toward TV shows and movies that make them laugh. Encourage their habit by suggesting shows and movies you think they’d like. Maybe sit down and watch with them. If you’re able to laugh with your child, you’ll form a stronger bond with them and they’ll have a stronger foundation for thinking about and exploring the world.

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