Top Video Game for Your Kids

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We know, kids aren’t very active these days. You’d love for your child to go outside and play just as we did when we were younger, but let’s face it – we’re in a different day and age. Your child is bound to play a video game or two. Let’s just make sure they’re playing on the best of the best. These consoles will offer games that your kid can learn from. Let’s take a look.

  1. Nintendo 3DS – Wow! 3D! That’s so cool, Mom! That’s what your kid will be saying when you present this handheld device to them. The 3DS comes in an array of colors, so you can get a pink one for your little princess and a red one for your tough little boy.
  2. iPad 2 – Okay, they can borrow yours. This is really an item for the parent. Apple presents a large selection of free games, books, and even educational apps for your child to dabble with. Slap a child proof case on that puppy and let your kid go nuts.
  3. Nintendo Wii – This gaming console will prove to be worth every penny once you see the smile on your kid’s face! Nintnedo makes hundreds of games compatible with their new console. It will get your child up and moving, because guess what? Its wireless.
  4. Sony Playstation 3 – The playstation is a great addition to your child’s gaming consoles. Just make sure you look at the ratings of the games before purchasing. This console makes games for all ages.

When purchasing games for your child – be sure to check the rating. Each game will have one. For your utmost protection – select the games labeled “E for Everyone”. Each parent has a different set of parenting skills, so do exactly what you feel is safe. However, be mindful of how these games will be affecting your child in the long run.

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