A Happy Healthy Breakfast for the Family

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According to doctors and nutritionists, starting your day with a fully loaded breakfast is the perfect way to initiate your internal engine with energy and fuel. For most grownups, it may happen to be just a cup of “joe” and a donut. And maybe for the kids, it’s just a bowl of over sweetened cereal.

In this on-the-go world where we have to do as much as we can with the sparse amount of time allotted to us, are we going about breakfast in the right way? Are we starting the day in the correct manner with the cup of coffee or the bowl of cereal. Certainly filling our bellies with a meal is important but getting the right amounts of nutrition and vitamins to start our days is just as paramount.

Starting with liquids, a good breakfast should not consist of just coffee or even a normal glass of milk. As the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” has shown us, juicing is more than just a diet, it is a beneficial choice that will supply the body with much needed nutrients and antioxidants. Unlike the documentary, one does not need to have a complete diet full of juice for weeks to month -- but the benefits of concentrated natural juice in one’s diet is important.

Eggs are a staple to many diets, but there are many trends in serving eggs that is making it healthier today. Egg whites or special egg white packages are available in many grocery stores. There are many ways to prepare an egg (over-easy, scrambled, Benedict) -- but in order to make your dish healthy, prepare it with minimal cooking oil and salt.

Non-gluten is a recent trend in health food circles. Gluten is a compound found in many wheat based products and the elimination of gluten has been found to be beneficial to one’s health. With that said, eliminating wheat based products, like bread, is essential in the non-gluten diet. This means, that quite possibly bread -- one of the most essential staples in the American diet -- would be eliminated. Many have followed this trend in losing bread, the results have been positive; Perhaps, your children can start early in the elimination of wheat based food.

Last, in going with the suggestion of juicing, fruits remain an exceptional staple to the healthy diet. Instead of quick meals of candy bars, potato chips or a protein shake, a simple piece of fruit is highly packed with enough nutrients and natural sugars to get you and your kids going at the start of the day. One whole banana, orange or apple slices or half a mango can stand for a meal or supplement an already nutritious one.

There are so many combinations that one can make into creating a happy, healthy breakfast. It is understood that taste is what makes a breakfast taste good, but one can skip on the excess salt and sugar and look toward using alternative condiments. Also, keep in mind calorie content in your children’s meal. The normal, energetic child requires a good amount of calories or energy to keep them up and running. Refer to a child nutritionist to get a better understanding of what your child needs daily.

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