Fun Crafting Ideas For Kids Under 5

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Crafts can be a great way of keeping young kids entertained and encouraging them to flex their creative muscles and create fun and useful items. We’ve put together this great list of kid friendly crafts sure to get your little ones excited and cooperative!

Thanksgiving Crayon Caddy - Age: 18 months and up

Not only will this craft be a great, festive addition to the kiddy table but it should help to keep them entertained throughout the meal so the adults can relax as well. Simply cover the table in a large sheet of plain wrapping paper and let them draw to their hearts content!


  • Colored card stock
  • 9 ounce paper cups
  • Crayons
  • Double-sided foam tape
  • Plain wrapping paper


  1. For each cup, cut six feathers from the card stock and fold a crease down the center.
  2. Arrange six feathers in a fan shape on double-sided foam tape and then attach to a paper cup. Repeat until all of your cups have feathers.
  3. Cut two circles from the card stock for each cup; one with a diameter of 2” and one with a diameter of 2 ½”.
  4. Have your child draw faces on the smaller circles and then attach them to the cup, large circle first with the smaller circle on top.
  5. Fill each turkey with crayons and cover your table with plain parcel wrapping paper.

Hungry Hamper – Age: 28 months and up 

This fun craft is great for many reasons: simple to make and easy to customize and get creative with; this hungry hamper will also help turn clean up into a game. The home child care can have this fun craft which teach the child how to stay organized and keep the room tidy.


  • Colored duct tape
  • Parchment paper
  • 2 baseball-sized foam balls
  • Plastic tub with handles
  • 2 11” zip ties


  1. Attach several inches of red duct tape side by side on parchment paper and have your child draw a funny tongue onto the back of the parchment paper.
  2. Cut it out for them and peel off the parchment paper.
  3. Apply to tub as shown.
  4. Attach several inches of black duct tape to parchment paper and cut out two 2” circles to be the pupils of your monster’s eyes. Peel off the paper and attach to the foam balls.
  5. Thread the zip ties through the centers of the foam balls and attach to one handle of the tub as shown.
  6. Get creative! Let your child use markers, stickers, and different colors of duct tape to give their monster-tub a fun design.
  7. Encourage them to “feed” their new friend with any items that need to be tidied up!

Crafty Growth Chart – Age: 18 months and up 


Many parents like to keep a growth chart so why not make it a fun and decorative part of your child’s room? This project is pretty simple and can be easily customized to suit your décor or your child’s specific interests. Create a separate chart for each child and decorate it with photos and images of their favorite activities and hobbies.


  • 1” x 6” board cut to 4 or 6 feet
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • Cloth measuring tape
  • Strong, double-sided foam tape
  • Magnetic acrylic picture frame
  • Hanging hardware


  1. Before you get started, be sure to put down a lot of old newspaper to protect your floors from paint!
  2. Sand the board if needed and then paint with base coat and let the paint dry.
  3. Coat the soles of your child’s feet with secondary paint color and help them make footprints on the board. With babies or children who are unsteady on their feet, have them sit next to the board and help them press on one foot at a time. Reapply paint as needed.
  4. Get creative with the design! Allow your child to add handprints and extra designs as they like but remember you don’t want it to be too busy or it will be hard to read your measurements!
  5. Using your child’s birth length as the starting point, cut the measuring tape to fit the board and secure in place with double-sided foam tape.
  6. Attach your picture frame and include a recent photograph.
  7. Hang the board at the appropriate height and take your first measurement! 

Jennifer Clerk is a child carer and a home maker. She believes that caring of children is truly a rewarding experience and she took pride in it as it’s her passion. She is well suited for advice on child caring, child health so on. You can reach her on Twitter.

Image:  Carissa GoodNCrazy on Flickr

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